Hair Loss Causes and Effective Treatments

Hair loss affects many individuals due to a variety of factors, including genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, and environmental influences.

Among the primary causes is male pattern hair loss, often linked to a hereditary sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone weakens hair follicles, leading to gradual hair thinning and eventual baldness.

Hair growth treatment focuses on improving nutrition and sending the right signals to hair follicle. For example, techniques that improve blood circulation the scalp improve nourishment to the cells, while special serums can help to signal the hair follicles to enter a growth phase.

A good hair regrow treatment focuses on combining various approaches to give patients the best call treatment for thinning hair. You don’t necessarily have to attend a hair loss clinic to get the best hair loss treatment, as our clinic provides the medical expertise to treat a variety of hair loss conditions.



Exosome Serum + SylfirmX Treatment

Our innovative combination of exosome serum and SylfirmX technology revitalizes the scalp, promoting circulation and encouraging hair growth. This targeted approach stimulates dormant hair follicles, aiding in hair regrowth for a fuller, healthier appearance.


  • Cutting edge treatment using exosome therapy to activate hair growth
  • Combination therapy with a micro-needling device enhances delivery of Exosomes and blood circulation for improved results


Regenera Activa

Using the Regenera Activa system, we harness the power of autologous micrografts extracted from your scalp to stimulate natural hair growth. The Regenera Activa treatment activates dormant follicles and increases overall hair density, contributing to effective hair regrowth.


  • Suitable for moderately severe hair loss
  • Uses the body’s natural cells to regenerate other areas that are deficien


Proteoglycan Supplementation

Nourkrin supplements, enriched with proteoglycans, fortify hair follicles from within. These supplements nourish the scalp and support hair growth, promoting thicker, healthier hair.


  • Non-invasive
  • Suitable for almost all types of hair loss
  • Non medicated supplementation that is clinically tested and effective

Summary of Various Treatments

Sylfirm-Exosome TreatmentRegenera ActivaProteoglycan Supplementation
SuitabilityModerate hair loss, or for maintenance after transplant or RegeneraModerately-severe hair loss, but not suitable for completely bald patchesAlmost any stage of hair loss
TechniqueUse of micro-needling device to improve delivery of Exosomes to the scalpHarvest of micro-graft from back of the scalp and re-injection into barren areasOral tablet for daily consumption
Pain ControlTopical numbing creamLocal anaestheticNot needed
Treatment IntervalsOnce every 2 weeks for between 3-6 sessions depending on severity and application. Then once every 3-6 months for maintenance.Once a year.Daily
DowntimeMinimal redness that typically resolves in under a day.Wound healing at areas of graft harvest may take about 1-2 weeks, but this is usually hidden behind hair so it is not easily visible.None
One Random FactThe Exosome serum used is registered with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore.This procedure is not the same as a hair transplant, so it won’t be able to plant hair in a completely bald zone.The supplements have undergone 30 years of intensive scientific research.