Hair Growth+ Inclinic By Nourkrin

$150.00 | 90 Tablets/Box

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, with proprietary Marilex®-P, is an exclusive formulation by the global, award-winning brand, Nourkrin®, for in clinic professional use.

Up to 60% of women and 80% of men will experience a hair growth disruption at some stage in their lives. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is a scientifically developed Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy formulated to help maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle, supporting normal, healthy hair growth.

With Hair Growth+ inCLINIC you get results, as the product has been featured in numerous clinical peer-reviewed papers and is used globally as a primary therapy to address hair growth disorders. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is a product made by Nourkrin®, committed to ensuring its recognition as a benchmark for excellence – not only by consumers but also by scientists, dermatologists, cosmetologists and aestheticians worldwide.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is completely safe and 100% drug-free.

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